Modo is an Energy Data Insights Platform. It shows you how energy markets are performing and enables you to quickly and easily compare opportunities, review historic trends, and get a view of what real assets are doing.

What can I do with Modo?

If you participate in energy markets, own or invest in flexible power generation, or rely on energy market data you can use Modo to:

  • Capture opportunities: Get real-time notifications of market changes, news mentions, and asset developments.

  • Benchmark performance: See how assets and optimisers are performing on a monthly basis.

  • Relieve your reporting burdens: Use visualisations straight from the platform, download data, and stay informed of market changes.

  • Get up to speed: Get your whole team involved with unlimited users.

Who uses Modo?

  • Owners of battery energy storage looking to track the performance of their assets.

  • Investors in energy projects who want to know what markets look like and which assets are performing well.

  • Operators of energy infrastructure that need a simple solution for informing their operational decisions.

  • Contractors, consultants, and technology providers that need to stay informed of energy market trends and industry news.

Is Modo for you?

If you have any questions we'd love to chat - schedule a call with our team and get a better idea of how you can use Modo.

What sets Modo apart?

Our energy system is undergoing the biggest transformation in centuries and data is now crucial for all participants in the energy system. Until Modo, data providers tailored their products to the needs of energy traders - overwhelming real-time data feeds and hard-to-understand screens for interpretation by the user. Modo changes this.

At Modo we believe that energy data is fundamental to good decision making for everyone participating in the energy sector, no matter your role or background. Modo has been designed and continues to evolve with a focus on usefulness and being a tool that everyone in your business can use.

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