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Introducing The Leaderboard
Introducing The Leaderboard

How we indicate revenue performance of assets, why we do it, and more.

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When the Modo subscription first started The Leaderboard was at its foundation.

Although it's now a part of the Batteries module, the importance and complexity of The Leaderboard means it's worth discussing in isolation.

What is it?

The Leaderboard is the feature we use to indicate the revenues assets are achieving on a monthly basis.

What use is it?

The Leaderboard gives a very quick indication of several key bits of information to anyone interested in battery energy storage systems operation in Great Britain. Using The Leaderboard you can quickly:

  • view revenue streams assets are focussing on;

  • understand the spread in revenues, whether monthly or annualised, from the largest asset to smallest, oldest asset to youngest;

  • get data to sense check your business case; and

  • review your assumptions when dealing with optimisers, technology providers, and more.

Who uses it?

Since there are so many use cases for The Leaderboard it gets used by a wide variety of users, including:

  • owners to compare against their internal reporting and to compare their assets to competitors;

  • investors to compare against similar investments and check the figures in their next business model; and

  • operators to compare their performance against the competition.

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