By using the team's knowledge of GB battery energy storage systems (BESS), staying on top of press releases, and keeping a close eye on market data, we're able to build a complete picture of all market participants. Over years, we have created an extensive asset database that informs many parts of the Modo platform, including the Leaderboard.

These include the rated power of a given asset, the current optimisation partner, the postcode of the site, and much more. All these details play a vital role when putting together the Leaderboard.

Market IDs

Market IDs are key to understanding how assets are identified in each market. At Modo, we keep track of the following markets for each asset:

Each of these markets contains its own set of market IDs. These take the form of a series of letters and numbers that represent an individual asset. This means that assets on the Leaderboard can have multiple market IDs - and it's often not immediately obvious which ID relates to which asset. Being able to identify which assets are traded under these different market IDs allows us to appropriately match assets to their contracts and trades.

For a number of reasons, identifying asset IDs is not always straightforward. Market IDs are often interchangeable between assets, and new IDs are always being created. Modo has created a historic catalogue of all the different IDs for each asset since 2020, which enables us to build a picture of which participants have been awarded contracts over the past few years.


Knowing the location of assets is important. This is because location determines the regional zones and Grid Supply Point groups which influence a lot of the charges included in the Leaderboard. To find more out about how we estimate charges on the Leaderboard make sure you check out the articles in our help centre here.

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