When looking at our pricing plans you'll have noticed that there are several ways to get started with your Modo subscription:

Diving straight in

The simplest way to get started on Modo is to sign up on our Free plan from any of the 'Get Started' buttons on our landing pages. Or just click on the button below:

If there is already an existing Modo subscription with the same email domain as you (e.g. @modo.energy) then you will be automatically added as a teammate.

Via the pricing page

Our pricing page shows the available tiers to a Modo subscription - there are 4:

  • Free - completely free, and forever. Get the essentials for staying on top of energy markets and grow as an entire business with Modo.

  • Starter - a no-brainer for businesses that rely on external training and up-skilling in energy markets.

  • Plus - access data at an unprecedented level and rest easy knowing that your team is getting world-class research that they can understand.

  • Enterprise - get real access to the Modo team. Quarterly calls. Personalised and impactful onboarding to energy markets.

Whichever plan you choose to start with, at any point in your subscription you are able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

Unlimited users and more

No matter which Modo subscription you're on there are a few things that remain constant:

  • Unlimited users - Modo subscriptions don't have a limit on the number of seats. If someone in your business would benefit from accessing Modo - then add them without worrying about costs.

  • Real-time support - everyone gets access to live chat with the Modo team. Suggestions, bugs, questions, you name it - we'd love to chat.

  • Input to our roadmap - our roadmap is public. And we value input from all of our users. No matter which tier. No matter how long they've been a subscriber.

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