Revenues in Dynamic Containment (DC), Dynamic Moderation (DM), and Dynamic Regulation (DR) are calculated using data published on the auction results by National Grid ESO.

To calculate the revenues in these services, we look up the associated volumes of units accepted in the auction, alongside the clearing price (£/MW/h) for each EFA block. This includes determining the correct revenues for accepted curtailable bids. We then create a schedule of each service for each market ID, then map those to Leaderboard assets to determine revenues.

The DC revenues in the Leaderboard do not account for any performance penalties which may be applied (for example, if an asset breaches market participation guidelines). This is because we have no visibility of instances where this occurs.

To find out more about Dynamic Containment, can check out our Modo Academy video here. Alternatively, you can find loads of articles about these frequency response services on Phase.

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