The Modo revenue benchmark is a monthly figure calculated using the estimated revenues from our Leaderboard for battery energy storage assets. The monthly figure provides owners and operators with a benchmark to assess their assets' revenues against. The Modo revenue benchmark can be found in our 'Benchmarking' section here.

The Modo revenue benchmark is calculated using the median value of total revenues from Balancing Mechanism registered assets included in the Leaderboard for each month. This total revenue includes revenue streams linked to daily operations (ancillary and merchant).

As of November 2022, the revenue benchmark will no longer include the following:

  • Capacity Market revenues.

  • Fixed DUos charges.

The Modo benchmark will also exclude our estimated figures for Triads, as these revenues are not finalized until April after the winter season and so would bring down the accuracy of the monthly figure.

By excluding these fixed and long-term revenues, the benchmark is lower. However, the benchmark will be more indicative of monthly operational activity. This is intended to enable the benchmark to be a more powerful tool for comparing asset monthly performance, as long-term revenues and fixed charges can penalize or advantage certain assets beyond a month’s operational performance.

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