Signal has evolved since its first release back in August 2023. There is now loads more data for you and your team to explore. In this article, we outline everything you can expect as part of your Signal subscription so that you can use it to optimum effect.

What can I expect, in a nutshell?

Signal is our 3-year forward view of battery revenues. We provide subscribers with the following data: an hourly forward price curve (updated weekly), fleet average revenue projections (updated monthly), and asset-specific revenue projections (updated weekly). Alongside this, we publish a monthly deep-dive article analyzing the latest projections and what's driving them.

Additionally, you can expect more datasets and case studies moving forwards. We are constantly updating our model to include new revenue streams. If there's anything, in particular, you'd like included in our forward view of battery revenues, we'd love to hear it!

Specifically, what can I expect from the revenue projections?

In Signal, we model revenues for two distinct cases:

  • Average battery fleet revenues - these are the average "Benchmark" revenues across the battery fleet. They represent average fleet revenues across different markets and capture evolving trends and changing revenue streams.

  • Asset-specific revenues - these are the revenues for a single battery site with a specific duration and cycling (for example, on average, it must not be cycled more than once per day), pursuing a specific market strategy. They are configurable for specific assets.

The table below summarizes the markets modeled for each case and how regularly we update our projections.

Average fleet revenues

Asset-specific revenues

What markets do we model?

Wholesale, Balancing Mechanism, Dynamic Containment, Regulation and Moderation, FFR

Wholesale and Dynamic Containment

How regularly do we update our projections?



What is the granularity of our revenue projections?



Where can I find all of this?

  • Signal datasets can be found here.

  • Our latest deep-dive articles can be found on our Signal landing page. If you can't find what you're looking for here, use the search bar to explore all Phase articles.

  • If you're interested in finding out more about how we built Signal, check out our help center articles for our methodology and assumptions.

  • For anything else, please drop us a message in the box below - all feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

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