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Why we created The Leaderboard
Why we created The Leaderboard

The intention behind The Leaderboard, and why we think it's still worth doing

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Any ranking naturally provokes emotions. And whilst too strong an emotional response isn't particularly helpful to anyone, provoking an emotional response speaks to one of our key missions at Modo:

We believe that to really transform our global energy systems, more people need to see more, understand more, and react more.

The origins of The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard was first created to answer the question 'how much are batteries really earning?'.

We very quickly realised that it is very difficult (and in some cases impossible) to determine exactly how much assets are really making. However, it became very clear equally quickly that there is huge value in being able to, within seconds, see

  • which markets are contributing to the highest-earning assets; and

  • which assets (and their operators) are making the most of the revenue agility that makes batteries so interesting.

Since we could apply a consistent process to indicate the revenues of these assets, we decided that the most interesting way of displaying the results was by ranking on the revenues made by each asset, normalising by the rated power of the system.

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