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Where do we get our Leaderboard data from?
Where do we get our Leaderboard data from?

Learn about the data that sits behind the Leaderboard and where we get it from.

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Having a database of all Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) assets in Great Britain (GB) is only half of the challenge in creating the Leaderboard, the other half is understanding and collecting data on the markets themselves. We collected a lot of data to create our Leaderboard, ranging from monthly Firm-Frequency-Response auction results to the physical (measured) 1Hz grid frequency.

All data used in the Modo Leaderboard is public. This data, supplemented with our own proprietary data (e.g GB BESS asset database) is cleaned and processed a lot to create the Leaderboard.

The table (below) shows an example of the datasets and sources used in the Leaderboard.

Data source

Example data set

National Grid ESO Data portal

Monthly FFR auction results, DC results, BSUoS/TNUoS tariffs


Bid-Offer acceptances, Physical notifications

Nord Pool

Day-ahead auction results

Western Power Distribution

Use of System charges


Asset database

NGESO EMR Delivery Body

Capacity Market results

To find out how we use this database to create the Leaderboard check out this article.

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