There are 3 different roles available to users subscribed to Modo:

Financial admin

There can only be 1 financial admin per subscription. This user has control of the payment of the subscription, including:

  • which tier the organisation is subscribed to; and

  • the payment method used.

The first user in an organisation to sign up to Modo will be the Financial admin by default. But any admin user can assign the role of Financial admin (in case the user leaves the organisation or changes roles).


  • There can be any number of admin users on a subscription.

  • Admin users can add teammates.

  • Admin users can change the role of themselves and teammates.


  • This is the default role for users joining an existing subscription.

  • Users cannot see teammates

  • Users cannot see the billing pages

  • Users can request upgrades to their subscription (this will send an email to the Financial admin with a note of who made the request, and which subscription was requested)

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