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Finding your way around

Using Dynamic Search and other top tips for navigating Modo Energy.

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There are a few ways to find your way around Modo Energy, our favorite way is with Dynamic Search...

Using Dynamic Search (โŒ˜ + K)

Dynamic Search can be found in the top right of your screen. Clicking on the search icon will open a search and command window that will help you navigate around Modo Energy without needing your mouse.

The homepage

The homepage ( provides a snapshot of what's available across Modo Energy, but it probably isn't somewhere you'll be hanging around for too long.

Looking to quickly get to grips with markets or stay on top of market events? Research provides a narrative on all of the data elsewhere in Modo Energy.

Here are the key bits to look out for:

This area of the platform is focused on enabling you to quickly and easily understand and compare revenue performance of battery energy storage.

The key bits to look out for are:

Forecasting at Modo Energy is evolving quickly! Soon you'll have access to our pre-loaded run library so that you can make the most of commonly run scenarios as well as accessing fully custom runs to suit your needs.

Looking to visualize the latest market trends and spot opportunities? Markets houses curated views of the services and revenue streams most important to battery energy storage.

Energy markets data is fundamental to understanding revenues and the future opportunity of new energy assets. On Modo Energy we've collated all of the key information into one place. And if we got it for free then so will you too!

Digging into historic energy market events? Wanting to understand correlation between prices and volumes across the market? Plotter enables you to jump between datasets and dates like never before.

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