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Overview of Modo energy
What can you do with Modo Energy?
What can you do with Modo Energy?

If you're new to Modo Energy, here's a short explanation of how it works, who uses it, and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Modo Energy is the all-in-one solution for helping you understand how battery energy storage systems make money.

Whether you're looking for historic revenue performance, current market trends, or future potential - it's all on Modo Energy.

You can get started on all of this for free, without even having to put your email in.

So what exactly can you do?

If you're involved in energy markets, and in particular battery energy storage, you can use Modo Energy to:

Benchmark historic performance in seconds

Whether you're using one of the freely available BESS Indices or you're digging into individual assets' performance, with Modo Energy's Benchmarking your whole team can understand, compare, and benchmark revenue performance with ease.

If this is you, then you might like:

  • The GB BESS Index - see the revenue trends over time for the combined battery energy storage fleet in Great Britain, alongside information on the key owners and operators in the space.

  • The Leaderboard - track and compare revenue performance for all of the utility-scale battery energy storage in Great Britain (only included in Benchmarking Pro).

  • Asset Explorer - anyone can now understand the revenue breakdown of individual assets as well as their operational profiles entirely for free, while Benchmarking Pro users can dig down into the real-time, half-hourly performance of assets.

Stay on top of market trends and changes like never before

With markets and services moving closer to real-time, maintaining momentum and understanding can be difficult. With Modo Energy's Research, Markets, and Data your whole team can make sure they don't miss an opportunity or fall behind.

If this is you, then you'd should check out:

  • Research - home to The Energy Academy and Modo: The Podcast, here you can also find detailed commentary on the latest trends in energy markets as well as explainers and policy updates.

  • Markets - visualize energy markets like never before with curated views of the revenue streams relevant to battery energy storage.

  • Data - looking for a world-leading API? Just want to download a csv file? Get access to the data you need to dig into energy market events and trends with ease.

Reduce your reporting burdens with clear and concise insights alongside easy-to-access data

Build systems on top of energy market data quicker and with confidence

Who uses Modo Energy?

  • Owners of battery energy storage looking to track the performance of their assets.

  • Investors in energy projects who want to know what markets look like and which assets are performing well.

  • Operators of energy infrastructure that need a simple solution for informing their operational decisions.

  • Contractors, consultants, technology providers and students that need to stay informed of energy market trends and industry news.

Is Modo Energy for you?

If you have any questions we'd love to chat - schedule a call with our team and get a better idea of how you and your team can use Modo Energy.

What sets Modo Energy apart?

Our energy system is undergoing the biggest transformation in centuries and data is now crucial for all participants in the energy system. Until Modo Energy, data providers tailored their products to the needs of energy traders - overwhelming real-time data feeds and hard-to-understand screens for interpretation by the user. Modo Energy changes this.

At Modo Energy we believe that energy data is fundamental to good decision making for everyone participating in the energy sector, no matter your role or background. Modo Energy has been designed and continues to evolve with a focus on usefulness and being a tool that everyone in your business can use.

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