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Creating a Modo Energy account
Creating a Modo Energy account

How to sign up, why it's worth signing up, and more...

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We've tried to build Modo Energy so that as many people as possible can get value from the platform without having the hurdle of registering. But as much as we believe that our fully accessible platform is amazing - there's a few key reasons for creating an account...

The benefits of a free account

Our free account provides you with the ability to save things and customize your experience.

Only want Dark mode? Want to see your download history or unlock the throttling on your API? Then having a free account will help.

(you can also create a free account from the pricing page or from the log in page)

Looking for more? The benefits of our paid-for modules

The other reason to create an account is if you're looking to access paid-for features. You can find more information on our modular subscription here.

Joining an existing subscription

If someone from your team or organisation has already created an account (free or paid), then you should automatically be added to the same plan.

This is done by grouping people by their email domains.

Already have an account? Use the button below to see your teammates:

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